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Rehabilitation Services
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We are honored to serve you in more locations. Thank you for voting for us and recongnizing our efforts toward exceptional customer service and advanced recovery for our patients.

Learn how one of our patients used a free screening to change her life. Even if you haven’t had an incident, physical therapy can still improve the quality of your life.

Don’t live with constant pain from existing damage. Work with our physical therapists and learn how to train your body to reach goals you may have thought impossible.

Our medical professionals understands the journey to recovery. Take advantage of our services and let us work with you to build mental confidence and physical strength.

How to Get Here?
Sky Lakes Rehabilitation Medical Center Campus

Phone: 541.274.6406

Sky Lakes Rehabilitation Eberlein Avenue

Phone: 541.274.2470

Sky Lakes Pediatric Therapy

Phone: 541.274.3820